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There are obvious differences at first glance. 

The not-so obvious differences are only evident after you begin using the service. 
One of the most important distinctions is in our method of contact.
Unlike the standard "blind" method of messaging employed by internet matching and dating memberships that do not allow contact other than through their automated scripting (never knowing if the person you are attempting to contact has read your message) we have chosen to incorporate direct contact via your email program. Therefore allowing you a return receipt.
Another important distinction can be found in the way we check and manually delete outdated, inactive listings, unlike internet dating and matching websites, we prefer to keep only those we know to be available, even though we lose the "padding"  that makes up the majority of listings on many websites.
Each of the women listed in our service has been individually approved, and are personally contacted by us on a regular basis to validate their listing and update their information.
Here we should point out that our service is not recurring fee-based membership.
The entrance cost is a one-time fee that can only be renewed by you alone. We don't send out "updates" or sales email attempting to sell you more or improved access. There is no automated billing involved. 
See our privacy policy.

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