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Name: Arsine
Location: FL
Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 122
Measurements: 34C-23-34

What do you do for Rest & Relaxation?
I sunbathe, work out, or take long walks on the beach.





Our Interview with Arsine:

How long have you been single? 
"Just recently!"

What is the most important part of the 1st date?
"A man being a gentleman, and chemistry chemistry chemistry!"

What is the 1st thing you notice about a man?

What is the most attractive feature of a man?
" Ripped arms or intense eyes."

What type of personality works best with yours?
"Chivalrous, classy, charming, sophisticated, sensitive, romantic, assertive, powerful, 
with a good sense of humor and INTELLIGENT."

How important is his income?
"Not incredibly important, but boy does it help!"

How important is the car he drives?
"Again, not that important, but they always add a nice perk to a guy."

How important is the style of his clothing?
"I need a guy with style.  I love a guy in a business suit and anything tailored and casually classy."

Have you ever dated anyone you met online?

How do you feel about netdating in general?
"I think you really have to know the person for a while before you meet up. Meeting after talking a few times is risky."

What do you think most men lack in knowledge when it comes to dating?
"Romancing women.  Women don't turn on as easily as men....we have to be coaxed."

Describe the best date you ever had?
"He was dressed in his best Valentino and Patek Philippe.  He handed me a silver and diamond set of jewelry, took me out on South Beach to a $300 dinner, then we went to a VIP club on South Beach and I was treated like royalty.  $2000 later, we went back to his penthouse and danced on the balcony facing Miami Bay, under the stars, while he whispered beautiful things into my ear.  Then we had me wait there while he went and lit all the candles in the bathroom and made a bubblebath for me.  It was like a dream."

How did he get it right?
"See above."

Describe the worst date you ever had?
"He brought me a shirt that said Margaritaville, tried to pin me down to have sex with me, got pissed off when I kicked him and then left."

Where did he go wrong?
"He was a pig."

What would make you interested in getting to know a man better?
" If he could dance!"

What turns you off about men?
"It seems all they want is sex."

What turns you on about men?
"Power and a good cologne. :)"

Do you like for a man to flirt with you even if you are not particularily attracted to him?
"Yes, because it's flattering."

Do you feel in general that men should be the ones to take charge on a date?
" Yes."

Is a confident (not stuck up) man attractive?
"Yes because he knows what he wants and is in charge of his life.  That's sexy."

When are you more apt to let your guard down around a man?
"If he makes lots of eye contact."

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