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We've decided to feature a few of the 100's of She'sSingle's women in bikinis:
Florida Model Florida Marketing Student NY Administrator/Model
FL Business Owner
New England Model - (prefers men with long hair)
Southeastern Model
Texas Beauty
Midwestern Babe!
GA Girl!!
Hot Blonde from the NE
"I have the best responses from your site
and am just enjoying every email I get.:)
Yours truly,
Kimberly S.."


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Comments from our users:

"your service is  great!
the complaint I have about dating and matchmaking websites is that there is no screening process of any sort
Any man (or woman pretending to be a man)
Or any 12 year old can write me
Then they put me on their buddy lists and I cannot get rid of them
Men ignore the criteria I have mentioned in my ad..... they ignore the age category, maritial status et cetera, and write anyway,
then become annoyed with me when I point out they do not suit my current ......preferences.
Then they put me on their buddy lists and all of a sudden it's cyber war with some strange man.
They send nude photo's and ask for me to return the same.....
I do indeed have specific preferences, and won't settle for less


  "I love the site because it's clean and fresh and the responses are from gentlemen not jerks.
I also like going into your chats.  I have been in there a few times.  I like the way its set up.
I think the site is great and I only date from online you know that and
I have been doing it for few years now so I check a lot out of dating sites and rank yours as the best.
And that is my honest opinion.  You have to be working hard on it and it shows.
 But its really first class.  I can't even keep up with my one homepage...LOL
Kimmie :)


I've been using shessingle for about six months, and I have dated 3 women from your service.
All 3 are HOT! One of them has become a good friend (she lives near by and we still go out for fun).
The other two are out of my area, BUT WORTH THE DRIVE!
Awsome website!
TheMan4u (chatroom nick)


I already got two responses from very interesting men -- it looks like your magazine really works!
It is my hope to get more -- much more letters from well--educated and intelligent guys in the near future.
I TOTALLY agree with your approach regarding Quality over Quantity!
I had been deleting 99% of all the responses from another personal service before
I even finished reading them -- not to waste my time.
So "Less but Better" is my motto when it comes to meeting men.

Thank you once again.  I will stay in touch.



Thank you for telling it like it is. I mean I am a Christian guy and I realize
that real beauty is on the inside, but darn it, looks matter. You have to be
attracted to someone to even want to find out about what is inside. I am a good
looking man and have dated lots of beautiful women, some beautiful on the
inside , some not.. But either way, I still want to date beautiful women that
share my values and beliefs.
Thank you for this site. I hope it takes off like gang-busters.



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