questions - about She'sSingle

 "....., is there any sort of "profile" area for the men,
 so the women know that I am serious and not goofing
 off. . .or do I just get that across in an email

 Thanks again,

 --Christopher" >>

When you send an email with She'sSingle in the subject line, they know you're serious. Always attach a photo. Never come off as desperate. Never be arrogant. Always be casual, but not crude. Confident but not cocky. Be patient, and realize these girls all have busy lives, and you should do well!

Just wondering why you charge a 1-time fee and not a monthly fee of some
 type?  The single fee suggests to me that the site and women may not be
 legitimate.  I'm interested in joining but kind of "skeptical" hope you
 understand so any more information would be appreciated.


 Brian >>
 Because of the website's exclusive nature, we process each listing manually. This is also reflected in our customer service.
 The time it would take to monitor and process a "subscription" would take away from the personal service we expend on quality. I personally dislike a monthly charge on my CC).
I have to say, if you are in the least concerned about our service, you should not enter the site. To many times the men that show concern over spending $50 for even a slight chance they will meet one of the women listed, will never see a reply.
 I make no promises. You may or may not find the service helpful. You may pay your $50 and never get a reply. I'm sure that has happened. This is just as much a gamble as spending $100 at a bar or club in hopes of meeting a beautiful single woman. It's not for everyone, purposely. We wouldn't have the caliber of women we have if it were.